If you want to be an innovator, this program is for you.

Graduates of the Business Management program will have the skills and knowledge necessary to lead and management projects, coalitions, and organizations that include public, private, and non-profit sectors.

You’ll also benefit from our outstanding connections with industry professionals and employers. Many of our academics themselves are practitioners, therefore giving you multiple opportunities to meet and network with leaders from the charities sector and the business world.

By learning the fundamentals of business management and having an in-depth understanding of local and global socio-economic issues, you’ll be part of the next generation of innovators and leaders.
You’ll learn about strategy, human resources, operational management, finance and accounting, marketing, corporate reputation management, social entrepreneurship and enterprise, corporate social responsibility and investment, non-profit management and the management of culture, values and business ethics.

You’ll also apply the principles you learn to real-world scenarios. In your third year, for example, your final project involves working with major firms and enterprises to assess their engagement with social enterprise and corporate social responsibility.

What will I learn?
 In our Business Management program you will:
 Gain an overview of the concepts, theories and techniques that contribute to an understanding of business management
 Learn a range of practical skills that you will be able to apply as a manager within a range of organisations
 Understand analytical and problem-solving techniques that you will be able to use in a management context
 Learn about a range of management functions and understand how these are interconnected within an organisation
 Appreciate the implications of future changes in the business landscape
 Prepare to work in an environment that could change in fundamental and unforeseeable ways
 Recognise the ethical issues surrounding business and be able to practice responsible management
 Recognise the role of social business within the broader environment