The PhD (Business Administration and Management) is a terminal research degree designed for those who desire to pursue business and management at the highest level.

The emphasis of the programme is on the writing of a specialised thesis that makes an original contribution to knowledge within one of the sub-fields of strategic management, project management, human resource management or marketing.

Objectives of the Program

The Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration and Management aims to help students grow holistically through the outcomes of knowledge, skills, professional development and attitudes. At the time of graduation, students will be able to meet the following degree objectives:

  • Use academic abilities, research methods, and advanced business skills in developing creative forms and modes of engagement in business activities.
  • Formulate strategies for human relationships and leadership in various business contexts.
  •  Incorporate statistical analysis in business
    operations and activities
  • Apply the acquired skills to conduct business
    research and communicate outcomes to the business
    community and society at large.

Units Offered

A student shall undertake two (2) University Common Courses, four (4)
Core Courses of the programme, four (4) concentration/specialisation units
and Thesis
Common courses

Research Methods
Research Seminar

Program Courses
Leadership and Ethics in Corporate Governance
Applied Statistics
Managerial Economics
Global Business Management
Specialization Units
Strategic Management
Strategic Management theory, Models and
Development of innovation Strategies
Managing International &; Global Business
Strategy Strategies
Seminar in Strategic Management

Project Management
Project Management Theory
Project Identification, Planning and Control
Project Financing, Cost Benefit & Risk
Seminar Paper in Project Management

Human Resource Management
Strategic Human Resource Management
International Human Resource Management
Leading Organisational Change
Seminar in Human Resource Management

Marketing Management Theory
Global Marketing Strategy
Seminar in Consumer Behaviour and Marketing

Duration of the Program

The duration of the program shall be 3 years leading to the award of Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration and Management.

Monterey Park College

Fees 2020-2021 Academic Year

Associate and Bachelor’s Degree Programs

  • 12-18 semester hours per semester
  • Tuition, per semester: $12,750
  • Tuition, per year: $25,500
  • Tuition, Four years: $102,000
  • Health & Student Services Fee per annum: $200

Undergraduate, Part Time Students (less than 12 semester hours per semester enrolled)

  • $1,080 per semester hour

Master of Business Administration

Fees 2020-2021 Academic Year

  • $835 per semester hour
  • 39 Unit Program: $32,565

PhD Programs

  • $990 per semester hour
  • 66 Unit Program: $65,340
  • Committee of Dissertation: $2,950