Build the skills

Build the skills essential to lead successful, sustainable businesses in the most entrepreneurial city in the world and beyond.

The Monterey Park College’s FULL-TIME MBA PROGRAM offers you a personalized path to business  leadership.  With our unparalleled proximity to global companies based right here, you’ll be surrounded by opportunities to learn from and work with world-renowned organizations. Most importantly, you’ll learn the essential skills to help companies succeed, while  serving as a principled, innovative thinker.

Business Analytics prepares students to be savvy and thrive in today’s data-rich environment. We take students from problem framing and scraping data, through analysis, articulating insight, and persuasive recommendations. The practicum provides a unique team experience. There is no better preparation for working in today’s tech sector.

–Professor Thomas Grossman, PhD
Class size (2020-21)
International students
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Reach your professional goals with a career-focused education offering, industry-specific projects and real-world work experience.

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree is designed for working professionals seeking a competitive advantage in the business world.

The Monterey Park College MBA program is designed for the individual who wishes to acquire management-related competencies, skills, and integrated understanding for business and business-related environments. The program emphasizes theory and a practitioner’s orientation in preparing students for management positions.  The three goals of the MPC’s MBA program are to:

1.  Provide graduates with foundational knowledge at an advanced level;

2.  Provide graduates with critical business skills and competencies required for effective management of modern business; and

3.  Provide students with an understanding of the process of integrating and applying core competencies and skills in business or business-related environments and/or situations.

The program is available in 2 convenient formats:

Online: Great for students who move often, need flexibility due to work or family obligations, or because of the military

Traditional: Great for students who need more personal interaction and coaching. We provide classes onsite at our campus in Walnut, California.

Students who complete the MBA program will obtain expertise in the following business disciplines:

– Business Strategy
– Finance
– Marketing
– Statistics
– Economics
– Accounting
– Management Information Systems
– Human Resource Management/Organizational Administration

Class profile

The class represents a breadth of diversity, a multiplicity of perspectives and expertise, along with a willingness to interchange ideas and concepts. We seek professionals from a range of industries, from finance to consulting, and tech to healthcare.


Some courses have prerequisites which must be met prior to enrolment.  All students must have the MBA graduate advisor’s permission to enrol.

Part I – Levelling Courses (12 hours)

BUS 5013 – Business Administration Concepts

ECON 5023 – Economic Concepts

ACCT 5033 – Accounting & Information Systems Concepts

FIN 5053 – Financial Concepts

A student with undergraduate course work in business from a regionally accredited institution may receive a waiver of part or all of these requirements, depending on the student’s background in accounting, business, and economics subjects.

Part II – Core Courses (24 hours)

1.  Common Core Courses (18 hours):

BUS 5103 – Applied Business Statistics

FIN 5613 – Managerial Finance

ACCT 5243 – Accounting for Management

MGMT 5853 – Management Information Systems OR

MKTG 5513 – Contemporary Marketing Problems

BUS 5983 – Applied Business Strategy

2.  Core Area I – Economics (3 hours):

ECON 5213 – Macroeconomics OR

ECON 5313 – Managerial Economics OR

ECON 5933 – Issues in Global Economics

3.  Core Area II – Human/Organizational Admin (3 hours):

MGMT 5443 – Current Issues in Organizational Design OR

MGMT 5703 – Organizational Behaviour

MGMT 5843 – Current Issues/HRM

Part III – Elective Courses (9 hours)

May include up to 6 hours of credit if a student elects to complete a masters thesis.